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Thread: I delete songs off my iPod but iTunes reuploads them

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    I delete songs off my iPod but iTunes reuploads them

    I have an ipod touch 4g. I'm always finding new music and updating my ipod. Oftentimes I'll be listening to a new album (on the go), and not like a song, so I delete it from my ipod (but don't bother to delete it later from my iTunes library). Next time I go to sync from my iTunes library, however, iTunes re-uploads all the songs I'd deleted from my iPod. I find this tremendously frustrating. Is there a way to tell iTunes NOT to do this?

    I feel like this is a really stupid question, my apologies. But I've done a search in these forums, and tried to figure out how I might do this in iTunes, but to no avail....

    Anyone have any tips on this????


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    Uncheck the songs you do not want to reload in iTunes.

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    Make sure in iTunes Preferences/Devices you have checked "Prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads from syncing automatically and as osxx posted above uncheck the songs before you sync your device..
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