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    how to copy music and photo's from ipod back to computer
    I recently purchased the new video ipod and had my music transferred onto it. I was trying to transfer music from my PC to Mac using the ipod as a hard drive when I was shocked to find out that you cannot transfer music from your ipod back to itunes and your computer. I was so mad when I found this out as I had erased a lot of the music (stupidly of course) but I can't believe that they would make the ipod not to do this.
    I have used my past music players in this manner and was one of the reasons I bought a larger size player.
    I was thinking that there must be some sort of software patch or way to retrieve my music back to my computer. I had searched online and found a few freeware software programs which allowed me to transfer from ipod back to my computer. Can anyone offer advice on any certain shareware programs which are the best?

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