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    Question Can i type on my Ipod through my macbook?
    ok so i am trying to type on my ipod through my computer and i'm having difficulty. i'm not sure it is possible, but i learned through searching google that there are bluetooth keyboards so i figured why not connect through bluetooth on my computer-ipod and then just type wireless.

    the reason i need this is because i have a flash card app i got to help me study, but i don't like typing massive amounts of data on my iPod so i would rather do it through my computer and view the flash cards on my iPod for convenience purposes.

    if anyone can help me it would be much appreciated, either with typing through bluetooth on my ipod with my macbook or just some other flashcard program that allows me to type the flashcards on my computer and view on my iPod. the app i have now will not connect to my computer or web its one of the apps only available for mobile devices.

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    With the iPad you can use the Bluetooth wireless keyboard and type. This might work with iPhone and iPod as well being all iOS devices. However, you need a Bluetooth keyboard, not your MacBook that has Bluetooth on it.

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    darn it apple, always making me spend extra money!

    considering i only need this for flash cards... are there any flash card apps that are compatible with my computer? i would rather spend a few bucks on a compatible/iPod app than 70+ on a keyboard and have to wait for it to ship.

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    haha nevermind! my wish just came true lol my free flash card app just got an update to sync it between devices online

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