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Thread: iPod Touch 3G, 32GB won't load

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    iPod Touch 3G, 32GB won't load
    Hey there,

    I've got the following issue with my iPod: 3 weeks ago it spontaneously refused to switch on, on USB it was in a bootloop - 3 seconds apple logo - switched off - apple logo - off.... Each attempt to restore it via iTunes was interrupted by error messages indicating hardware issues on the device. Finally i tried to boot it with the A/C-charger and it worked like a charm, showing a battery status of 100% but switched of as soon as i pulled the cable. I suspected it to be a battery issue, ordered a new one on ebay, installed it properly and it worked.

    Happy as a hippo I first installed the 4.3.3 firmware, filled it with music and tried to charge it overnight, but it showed a battery status of 14%, just like the evening before, not showing the bolt but the jack while charging. I tried it with several usb cables and various computers, including mac's and pc's, the plug contacts are allright as well. Now the battery is empty and i got the same story as before - bootloops and working fine when hanging on an A/C adapter showing a full battery.

    I browsed several forums and didn't find a proper solution besides sending it to apple. Has someone ever really managed to fix that?
    Is it starting to become unrealistic?

    I'm happy about every kind of feedback right now, i don't want to scrap it.

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    Sounds like a hardware fault with the battery charging mechanism. I think you're going to have to send this to Apple or a third-party specialist like iFixit.

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