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    Post Programmer aims to crack iTunes DRM

    Programmer aims to crack iTunes DRM
    November 25, 2003 - 10:44 EST* The Norwegian programmer who created the first widely used tool for cracking the copy protection technology found on DVDs is now going after Apple's iTunes. "Late last week, programmer Jon Johansen posted a small program called QTFairUse to his Web site," reports CNET "The program served as a demonstration of how to evade, if not exactly break, the anticopying technology wrapped around the songs sold by Apple in its iTunes store... In its current form, it requires several complicated steps to create a working program from source code, and it doesn't create a working song file that can be immediately or simply played from a digital music program... But if other developers -- or Johansen himself -- pursue the project, it could herald the arrival of simple ripping programs that could create unprotected music files from iTunes songs as simply as from an ordinary compact disc."

    My Comments: Has anybody bought a song from iTunes and try this program on it?

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    im pretty sure you can only compile it for windows. but this isnt anything you cant already do with a blank CD. they claim it to be a security hole, but it does not tamper with the program. i think this is just getting more attention than it deserves.

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    they just mentioned it on the screen savers on techtv but i wasnt really paying attention so didnt hear what they were saying

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