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Thread: video to tv??

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    Jul 03, 2012
    video to tv??
    i have the ipod touch 2gen.

    i cannot figure this out: I have a video (.m4v) that plays on the ipod but when i try to hook it up with the component cables, it does not show video. The audio works, but my tv continues to say "no signal found."

    Ive tried component, composite, even S-video cord on my iLive soundbar dock. I tried different brands. gigaware, dynex, even apple.

    I've tried to research this online but all i seem to come up with is that the TV out setting needs to be set to "ask." This confuses me because on my ipod, there arent any options in the settings that allow me to make that change. My only options would be ON/OFF WIDESCREEN and NTSC or PAL. if the TV OUT "ask" option is there somewhere in the settings, i cant find it.

    please help.

    *i've also tried several video converters, still nothing.

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    Have you selected the relevant input on your TV e.g AV1,AV2,Component that kind of thing?

    If your TV doesn't know which source input it's looking for then it won't playback the video.

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