What are people's experiences with them?

VENT: I have a 3rd Gen 15G pod that I am giving to someone so I wanted to replace the battery for her. I sent it to iPodresq, and they're just a !@$%^ mess. I sent it in THEIR packaging with THEIR label on 12/8. Took it to a DHL drop off so there was no issue. They received it on 12/9. They are supposed to replace the battery and send it right back to you via overnight service. On 12/14 I still hadn't even HEARD anything let alone received my pod so I sent and email. No response. So then I call them. Oh we'll call you back. No return call. Today I call them up guns blazing and I get the customer service manager this time; turns out they shipped my pod to someone else and had to recall it. :mad: To their credit, they are giving me a full refund (Well, kinda to their credit. They offered me a refund on shipping only and I was like try again...), but D@MN. At this point I'm not going to get this thing until next Tuesday at the earliest which is a far cry from the 2-day turnaround I was paying for. And then I need to ship it to the person I'm giving it to in time for Christmas which means thanks to them I will now need to pay for expedited shipping. D@mn D@mn D@MN.

QUESTION: What other services are there? Anyone used ipodjuice.com? How are they? In fact, I heard Apple dropped it's prices so how does their Battery replacement work? Can I just go to an Apple store? I have another 3rd Gen I want to replace the battery on and I DO NOT want to go through this experience again.

Thanks for listening and for any advice.

- Tania :black: