Hi all Brilliant forum!

Wondered if you could please advise me here.
I have a 2n Gen ipod touch that had a cracked screen.

I replaced the screen and now I have a white screen that comes on for about 6 seconds then goes dead until I press the home or power button.

I have tried several of the suggestions I have already read such as restore, making absolutely sure the connectors are clean and pressed in correctly + connecting to itunes. (By the way itunes recognised the ipod after a while and did a restore)

At the moment I'm letting the battery dry up but It's going to take some time as this white screen only stays on a few seconds as I mentioned.

Just wondering if an ipods lcd will display what it should without the screen connected?
Or would that produce a white screen? (Perhaps new screen faulty?)
Any other ideas?
When This battery eventually dies should I connect it to itunes first or?

Absolutely and advice greatly appreciated!