I have a 120 gb ipod. In the beginning of this year, I accidently restored my ipod which led to everything on my ipod being deleted. I've added what I can from what I use to have. When ever I download a video from Itunes to my ipod, it automatically goes to the movies. Under the info for each video I changed it to go under the tv category. When I disconnect my ipod from itunes and watch the exact same video I just trasferred to tv, when i connect my ipod. the video that i moved to tv when back to movie. every video i watch goes back to movies. so everytime i connect my ipod, i always have to move them back to where i want before i disconnect it. Its a jhuge pain to keep doing this.
So I want to know, is how can I prevent this to keep happening. This never happened when I first used my ipod. before everything got deleted. I clicked on the button "manually manage music and videos" but every time I connect my ipod it, all my videos went back to under movies.