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    Ipod alarm clocks
    Has anyone had any experience with ipod alarm clocks?
    There seem to be so many different ones available, I've no idea which one to get. Any particular models that should be avoided? Which are good to look for? What do you have- is it good?

    Things are all the harder for me since i am in Japan and so much information is based around USA.

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    Haven't yet found any reason to use anything other than the built-in one. What specific features are you looking for that the built-in alarm clock can't provide you?

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    Its with an ipod, not an iphone. So no speaker.

    Just loud enough to get me up is a good minimum!
    A fade in and other alarmy features would be nice too.

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    Um ... we're talking at cross purposes I think.

    I made the mistake of assuming you had an iPod TOUCH. Which of course has a speaker and built-in alarm clock function.

    So what you are ACTUALLY looking for (which I didn't interpret from your post, my apologies) is a third-party bit of hardware that you attach the iPod TO.

    I haven't needed one of those myself, but my local Costco has carried this one for a long time which TENDS to mean people think it's pretty good:

    JBL - Product Support - JBL On Time 200P - Black - NEWHigh-Performance Loudspeaker dock and clock radio for iPod and iPhone

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    I'm pretty sure all iPods have an alarm app built in so you could just hook it up to some speakers, that would be the cheapest option.

    My next suggestion would be to just go to your local shop which stocks iPod Alarm Clocks and check them out for yourself. They all are pretty much the same apart from things like having a CD player, 6 settable alarms, radio etc. and of course cost. All these factors are probably best judged by you having a check out yourself.

    Also check that it is compatible with your iPod, my Touch doesn't play friendly with my alarm, charging wise.

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