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    Unhappy Help ....please?
    PC has just fatally crashed. Itunes (approx 250 GB of stuff!) was sadly not backed up for over 2 years and a lot of new stuff was added and is now on my 160GB Classic. I'm being told that my itunes cannot be retrieved Does any body know of a safe and surefire prog that I can use to effectively replicate the music (inc Playlists) from my Ipod onto a new Itunes library I'll set up. There seems to be a lot of 3rd party programmes out there (Diskaid, Phone to PC) but I don't know which are the good ones and which are the ones to avoid.

    Thanks in advance!

    ps. Yes - from now on I will back up at least every other month. All my basic MP3 files ARE backed up twice. it was the sheer size oif my itunes Library that put me off. I am stupid, I now know!

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    I'm not experienced with the PC version of this program, but its been good for my clients on Macs:

    Phone to PC - Formerly Pod to PC, iPod, iPad, iPhone Transfer to iTunes Software

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