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    Slide to Unlock Issue
    Quick question here, because I've seen a lot of people talking about this issue but no real solution to it.

    Basically My Ipod touch won't slide to unlock, the screen is there but it is unresponsive, even when I turn it off it won't slide to power off.

    And no hard resetting it won't fix the problem, neither is restoring it in itunes. It hasn't been jailbroken either.

    Nothing happened to it like it fell or got wet, and it isn't frozen because when you double press the home button is shows the play button which means it isn't frozen,

    can anyone help me out?
    Should I downgrade it? because I already have all the software to do it like tiny umbrella and the rest.

    Or is it a hardware issue where I have to open it and make sure the digitizer is still connected if so, can anyone please send me some links on how to open an ipod touch?

    Thanks In advance and thanks for reading.

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    It certainly sounds like a hardware (digitzer) issue to me. You can have a tech verify that and then explore repair options.

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    I agree with Chas, sounds like your digitizer is shot.
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