In researching my new iPod purchase I found a few posts asking where iPods are made. For those of you who don't already know here's the answer.

iPods are manufactured on contract to Inventec Appliances based in Taipai, Taiwan. iPods are physically assembled by Inventec (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. in Shanghai, China.

Inventec Corporation is an electronics manufacturer that markets it own lineup of notebooks, servers, televisions, mobile phones and software in addition to carrying out manufacturing contracts for other companies around the world.

Inventec Corporation has a history with Apple dating back to the Newton PDA days and has manufactured several Apple products including at least the last few generations of iPod. Inventec Corp. has also held contracts with Toshiba for Microdrives and Notebooks. Interestingly enough, Inventec makes the drives that Toshiba is selling to Apple for the current iPod lineup.

FedEx confirmed my iPod was picked up from 7 Gui Qin Road, Shanghai 200233 P.R.C.

Contact Information

Inventec Corporation
66 Hou-Kang Street, Shih-Lin District 111,
Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Inventec (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
1295 Yishan Road,Shanghai 200233 P.R.C.

Inventec Electronics (USA) Corporation
6215 West by Northwest, Suite B, Houston,
Texas 77040-4940, U.S.A.

Company History

1975 Inventec Corporation established
1982 Japan office established
1989 Inventec Besta and Malaysia subsidiaries established
1991 Shanghai subsidiary established
1993 Nanjing, Tianjin and Beijing subsidiaries established
1994 Xian subsidiaries established
1997 USA and Scotland subsidiaries established
1998 Acquired Digital Taiwan
1999 Inventec Multimedia & Telecom, and Inventec Micro-Electronics established
2000 Inventec Appliances established
2003 Inventec Enterprise System Corp.established