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    Lightbulb Are hard cases any good?
    I am thinking about purchasing a hard case for my iPod touch. (4g, double sided case)
    It comes around the home button and facetime camera, and covers the back (Not the camera.) I think I know that you already know what they look like. Well, I have a flip case at the moment. I was just wondering if any of you know if that the flip case is more protective, or the hard case is.

    The flip case does not cover around the home button, or the facetime camera. It clips around the edge of the iPod. BUT the screen is protected when it is not in use.
    The hard case holds the iPod perfectly, and covers the home button and facetime camera. BUT the screen is not protected. Yes, I do have a screen protecter, but I am very worried if the slightest thing I do, damages the screen.

    Which case would you say is better? I don't know which one to use :S
    <3 Apple iPod Touch 4g <3

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    I have ordered the hard cases, should I use them if their better then the flip case?!
    <3 Apple iPod Touch 4g <3

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