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    iPod Video

    I am having trouble with my iPod video. I try and turn it on to listen to music and all it does is show the apple (with light), turn off, and show the apple again. It repeats this until the ipod hhas no battery life. I tried to reset it using the menu and center button, but this does not work. I held it for 2 minutes as other websites suggest, doesn't work. My PC does not recognized...and I tried going through the chkdisk

    Any suggestions?

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    Your board In the ipod is probably bad that happened to me on 2 of mine.

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    Mar 29, 2012
    i got it connected to itunes...did a restore...and when i put all my stuff back on, it is doing the same thing as before. Everything worked fine -- could play from it and everything, and then when i disconnected -- it started doing it again...gah! 160gig iPod video has a lot more space than my 16gig iphone..

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