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    Newbie here, help w touch and music files...
    Newbie here.
    Getting a used 32 GB ipod touch 4th gen to play music on the car radio trough a 3.56 mm aux jack. Will probably not use it for more than that.
    Have numerous questions:

    When I get it should I check for the latest software and where and how do I do that?
    Most my music was ripped from cds using windows media player 11. What the best way to load it on my touch?

    I know I could transfer the library to itunes, but I have looked at MGTEK dopisp (MGTEK dopisp is a plug-in for Windows Media Player that enables you to sync your MP3 music to your iPod directly from within Windows Media Player.) or Winamp.
    What should I use. If I use itunes will it be arranged by artist and album like the library on wmp? Will all the album art transfer? Any suggestions on how to arrange it. I was thinking Id just have it by artist and album and have to scan through everything.

    We are talking about 16gb of music. I was going to get a sony walkman 8gb, but reliezed just was just not going to be big enough so I switched to the used touch off ebay.

    To better control the sound in the car, Id rather get a program for the touch since Ive heard the car (mb sl 500) sets the aux settings back to default everytime it is shut down.
    EQu Quality Equalizer vs. Equalizer ???

    thanks for looking

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    If you're going to use the iPod Touch, you're going to be using iTunes to sync music. So I'd suggest you load the library into iTunes (you can set iTunes to store its library on an external drive if you need to).

    It doesn't matter what tool you used to rip the music, but it REALLY matters what format you saved it in. If you saved it in WMA, do a Homer (DOH!) and re-rip to MP3 or AAC. There are converters that can convert the WMA files to AAC easily enough, but you'll lose quality (may not be noticeable depending on your hearing, taste in music and playback equipment quality),

    iTunes (internally) arranges by Artist -> Album -> Song, but it really doesn't matter -- it can display the information by any criteria you like, depending on how well your tunes are tagged. So just let iTunes manage the files, you don't have to do that anymore.

    As for the album art, no idea. iTunes will automatically re-grab the art when requested by you, however, so I don't think that's much of an issue unless your library consists of such oddball stuff that iTunes wouldn't have it.

    The iPod Touch will retain the EQ settings you assigned to the music in iTunes if you wish.

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