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    ipod Help! touch 2g new LCD and now apple logo flashes
    I just installed a new LCD screen on my ipod touch 2g. I plugged the ipod in after everything was put back together, all that happens is the apple logo flashes on and off constantly. I have read other places to hold the sleep and home button down, or plug it into the computer and have itunes restore it. The problem with those two steps is that I now can't get my computer to recognize the ipod when I plug it in, also for some reason my sleep button and home button doesn't seem to want to work so I can't press and hold those buttons together to get it into dfu/recovery mode. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hmm... Well I do not know alot about replacing other screens, but maybe if it flashes on and off that the screen has not been placed back on correctly? If I were you, I would either take it to apple, and ask what they can do, OR take it to somewhere where it can be repaired. I personally don't think that the screen has been connected properly.
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