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    iTunes songs skipping like a bad CD
    I have had a problem with itunes basically studdering when playing some songs. It plays slower too. To make sure it wasn't the file I palyed it in quicktime 7.0.3. I played the same file at the same time and quicktime played it normally and fine. The iTunes one became further and further behind as it kept skipping, or adding quick breaks as the file kept playing. I also noticed that while the file is playing in iTunes, that it will play normaly if I right click and have a menu pop up, or from the toolbar at the top, or if I do what would be a right click, down below the song where nothing is selected. I don't know why this would affect it at all but it seems to. I have all the most recent iTunes and OS X. I have restarted my computer. Also file location does not seem to be a difference. They are all on my internal drive. I have a few widgets that interact with iTunes; PearLyrics .5, iTunes Stats .2 Beta, iTunes Connection Monitor. I have tried to list everything that I think might be an issue and would appreaciate any help that anyone has to offer. I reinstalled iTunes as well with nothing changing. It is like there are a d d e d b r e a k s w h i l e t h e s o n g p l a y s s o i t t a k e s l o n g e r t o p l a y a n d a s y o u c a n s e e , i s a l s o q u i t e a n n o y i n g . Help please! I also have two ipods, a 3G, with the buttons above the scroll wheel, and a 60GB ipod video.

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    Just a quick note, it seemed to have become less frequent or stopped after restarted, but this isn't the first time I've restarted, so it will come back. Just want to know what the cause of it could be.

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    After the restart I noticed that it started the skipping agian after I loaded the wigets. So I would think it is one of them causing the problem. I don't know which one, it will take some opening and closing to figure out.

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    What Mac model do you have? What version of OSX? Also how much Memory (RAM) do you have in your Mac? If you are running Tiger which I suspect from the Widgets comment and have say a Mini with 256 Megs RAM, iTunes will skip when other applications are running and you run out of memory. My mini did the day I bought it with say Safari and Mail and iChat going as it was out of free RAM. The fact it does it when you load Widgets shows me that is what is going on.

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