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Thread: Recording drums app plus song output off of ipod touch

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    Recording drums app plus song output off of ipod touch
    I have ipod touch 3g and a drum app called Drums!. It supports playing along with the songs on my ipod touch. I want to do a cover using the drum app. And i want the drum app plus song output to be recorded? Either on my macbuk or the ipod itself . Any ideas??
    I have been able to get the ouput on my jbl dock (using aux ) but im not sure how to capture that output.

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    I think what you want is a double-ended 1/8" headphone jack, one end goes in your iPod Touch and the other end goes into your MacBook's audio in (mic) jack.

    You then need a recording application of course, you already have Garageband that can do it or perhaps even QuickTime X (I've never tried recording from the mic jack in QTX) or a third-party app such as Amadeus Pro.

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