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Sc0tty 02-17-2012 02:53 PM

Ipod Touch White Screen
I just got an iPod touch 4th generation 32GB about a week ago. When I purchased it I was told the power button would sometimes not work. I didn't think this was an issue as I generally turn the device on with the home button. I tested the iPod before I bought it and found that there was no problem with the power button. I could not test the home button because he reset it. So later when I connected it to my computer I found that it was actually the home button that was none functional. So I bought a new home button and replaced it. Unfortunately when I replaced it I used some really cheap adhesive to put it back together. So I had to keep on opening it and "fixing" the adhesive so that the iPod would stay together. :) I had ordered new adhesive and so I opened the iPod for what I presumed would be the last time. I was however wrong. :( When I went to close the iPod and connect the screen I accidentally broke the connector on the PCB. I was able to buy another screen connector and solder it back onto the board, however I now getting a white screen. When I was soldering on the connector I did accidentally bridge two of the pins, and yes I still had the battery in the device :Oops:. It connects to the computer fine, and when I plug it into the wall it makes the noise it normally does when it is being charged. I tried to slide my finger across the screen to see if it would unlock even though the screen was not connected but it did not work. Even though I am constantly moving my finger around the screen, it will just go into sleep mode like the touch screen isn't working. Is there any hope for this thing? I have just about renounced it dead, but though I would give this forum a try.
Thanks, Scott

rabbitjetta 02-17-2012 10:43 PM

Contact apple they may be nice and replace it for free. The most that they can do is say no.

Sc0tty 02-17-2012 11:26 PM

It is out of warranty so I highly doubt they will. I might try it anyway just to see if they will.

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