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    Unhappy Problems with my Headphone..Left is louder than the right..
    Just Got my Ipod touch last works properly, i mean all the apps and all but after 2 weeks i noticed that my Left Headphone is Louder than my Right,

    So at first i just ignored it because i thought it was the Headphones because i used my old headphones, then i used the Headphones that came with the Ipod but it still the same, so I decided to go to the mall to buy new headphones, so i tried different headphones but it's still the same one side is louder than the other..

    and yes i also tried to shift the volume from LEFT to RIGHT(still didn't work) then tried putting it on MONOTONE settings in the Accessibility, each time i try a new Headphone but it's the same..then i tried to pull the jack halfway i noticed that the sounds are equal but when i push it all the way the Left is louder than the Right headphone again, i can put my headphone halfway to resolve my concern but the problem is that, the headphone is very sensitive in that setting it is easily pulled and yeah the music stops once you pull or touch the half inserted Headphone jack

    I read a post with the same concern as i am, but still didn't work for me.. help please

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    Your problem is your headphne jack, as you have discovered. I would return the iPod under warranty.
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    Also try taking a q tip and cleaning out any of the dirt that might be in there. That could be the problem. If not then just get it replaced under warranty.

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