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    Cant get the nike plus ipod app !!
    I have a jalibroken ipod tiuch 4g using ios 5.0.1
    I have just baught a pai of nike plus shoes and sensor.
    When i go to and scroll down to nike plus ipod tab, I click on it and i see the screen where you can enable the app and do some adjustment.
    But the problem is that i cant toggle any button there cause all is grey like its deactiavted..
    The only button there i can click is go to nike plus"
    Are nike plus ipod compitable with jailbrokem device or a tweak ? Or maybe something else ..


    It looks like that..

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    It's possible that it's incompatible with a JB iPhone, but I doubt it.

    I'm not sure how the Nike sensor works -- is it Bluetooth? If so, maybe you need to pair it first?

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    try wipeing it to factory and try it then or maybe you have a defective sensor

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    Det er faktisk mulig for jailbreak å ha påvirket noen apps.
    Hvis jeg var deg ville jeg ta jailbreak av hvis du virkelig ønsker å bruke Nike + iPod. Hvis du un-jailbreak det og det fortsatt ikke fungerer, tar den til Apple. Jeg kilo for tung gå på eple hjemmeside og gå på live chat.

    It is actually possible for the jailbreak to have affected some apps.
    If I was you i would take the jailbreak off if you really want to use nike + iPod. If you un-jailbreak it and it still does not work, take it to apple. I woul go on the apple website and go on live chat.

    Was that writing norwegian?
    <3 Apple iPod Touch 4g <3

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