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Thread: battery issue: PLEASE HELP

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    battery issue: PLEASE HELP
    This is really annoying. My ipod touch 4th gen, IOS 5.0.1 is having problems with its battery. When I unplugged it, fully charged out of the charger, about 1 minute later, it starts decreasing. I need serious help.

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    All batteries start "decreasing" once they are unplugged from the charger. Can you describe perhaps the rate of discharge? Maybe do a test like leave it alone for an hour from fully charged and see how much power it loses doing absolutely nothing?

    Also, make sure you don't have background services turned on that you're not actually using, like perhaps Bluetooth or programs that need continuous internet connections running in the background (GPS, internet radio, chat programs etc).

    That's the only way we can judge if there's actually a draining issue or if things are normal.

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