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    Please help!: Ipod Touch not recognized at all by MacBook

    I have spent HOURS searching the web for an answer, I'm really hoping someone will be able to give me some insight. Here goes:

    I have a 1st generation Ipod Touch. I haven't used it for a long time and the computer it was originally associated with is my current MacBook (I believe 2nd generation-fall 2006). My MacBook had to be restored and I lost everything about a year ago. It has sense been updated and restored and works like new. I understand that the connection of the Ipod/Macbook will never exist again.

    Now, when I plug in my Ipod Touch, the MacBook does not recognize it at all (I have also plugged it in to other people's computers and the same thing happens). I have used multiple cords, multiple ports, it does not recognize it period (not as a drive, not in itunes, it's as if I haven't plugged anything in).

    I also have an Iphone 4s, Ipod mini (2nd gen), and Ipod Nano (1st gen)...All 3 are recognized just fine.

    I really need help. I know itunes won't recognize it with the same relationship they had before, but I really just want my computer to recognize it as being plugged in.

    Please, please, please offer any suggestions you have. I feel like I have tried everything!

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    Your post was moved to the correct forum (here) as it does not belong in "Community Suggestions".

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