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    Question about Itunes

    Any of you guys know how i can sync my itunes libraries together one on my Imac and then on my powerbook, The Imac is connected via ethernet and PowerBook with Wi-Fi. i want it so every time i open a new song or delete a on my Imac that song to be sent to the library on my PowerBook and vice versa.

    appreciate the help...


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    I think you need to get iSyncTunes,or you could do it the hard

    Ok, First you go to your music folder then there should be a folder dalled itunes music, open that, there should be a file called itunes music library, copy that file over to the same on your other computer and there you go.
    But you have to have the music there first of course

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    That doesn't help...

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    Thats a great requirement. I will add autosync to version 1.1.1 of iSyncTunes as an iTunes plugin, so that you only have to keep iSyncTunes running on your source computer. Would that work for you?

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