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    IPOD Classic 160 gb volume problem
    Hi I have a problem increasing the volume and the IPOD asks for a 4 digit number. I didn't set one so does anybody have any ideas, factory settings etc??


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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    Yep, volume limit has been set. The 4 digit code over-rides the limit. You'd need to remove the limit (which would mean knowing the code) or restore the thing to factory settings.
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    You won't like hearing (reading) this, but take it from a complete stranger: hearing loss is a real, um, pain. Don't risk your ears, the volume limit is there for a reason. You're going to need your hearing a lot more in your later years than you do now, so take some precautions.

    As for how it got set, apparently that iPod's not really yours if you didn't the volume limit, because somebody had to have done this.

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