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    Disk Space issue - iPod Classic
    A while back I was using my iPod as a back up for my files. I got rid of the files by moving them to the trash, but I didn't delete the trash. Now when I plug in my iPod, it says that I have almost no space and I can't see the files that used to be taking up that space, so I don't know how to get rid of them.

    Does anyone know hot I could figure this out?


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    In this case, the iPod is behaving as a USB flash drive. If you don't empty the trash *while the iPod is mounted as a drive,* the files are not trashed. Each device has its own invisible ".Trash" folder, you see.

    So, the answer is "mount the iPod as a drive, empty the trash, THEN safely eject the iPod as normal."

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