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    deleting photos on ipod touch
    Is there a simple way to delete a group of photos, or even all photos, that are on the ipod touch in the case where all the photos originated on that ipod (they were taken using its camera and not imported or sync'ed to it?)

    I have about 1700 photos I would like to delete, preferably not by having to tap on each and every one of them.

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    You can mass delete them, but you will still have to tap on each to select it for deletion.
    Go into Photo's>Camera Roll and in the bottom corner is an arrow in a box. Tap that and it brings up a sub menu at the bottom. Select the photo's to delete by tapping them, and then hit the delete key at the bottom.
    No other way I'm afraid.
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    Do it through iTunes.

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    Deleting photos from iPod Touch 4G
    I bought an iPod Touch 4G yesterday (17 April 2012) and tried to put photo albums on by making (5) folders of selected photos on the desktop and selecting/syncing them through iTunes. The result was two identical folders with 57 photos in. Now I'm unable to get rid of them! Everything I've read talks about a 'dustbin' icon and other things I can't find and but have never seen on this device. I have tried removing the folders from my iMac (SnowLeopard) and syncing again but no joy. The PDF 'manual' is no help at all. Does anybody know? Can anybody give step-by=step instructions please?
    I don't want to put all my photos on the iPod - there are way too many and I was trying to use folders to make selection easier. Actually all I want to do is to show a few significant sets of photos (mainly from motorcycle tours in Europe) to friends. At this rate I'll stick to music (classical - another problem for iPods!) and revert to my weighty Windows-based multi-media player - old but I can work it!

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    The only way to delete photos that were synced to the iPod is to unsync them. You can remove them from your syncing folder and then resync. This article tells you how to sync photos and should provide the information of how to unsync them.
    iOS: Importing personal photos and videos from iOS devices to your computer
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