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    Shattered Screen ipod touch 4th
    I currently have a shattered screen on my Ipod touch 4th gen.. I need to know what materials I have to purchase to get it fixed. As of right now everything is working, just inconvenient screen shatter.. Ive done research n came up w these items that I need to purchase - all from amazon:

    Complete Tool Screw Driver Torx Kit to Repair Replace Apple Iphone 2g 3g GPS Ipod Video Nano Touch Cracked Scratch Broken Lcd Screen Display

    Ipod Touch 4th Lcd Display Screen + Touch Glass Screen Digitizer- Fully Pre-assembly

    5 X New Ipod Touch 4th Gen Adhesive Strip Sticker

    Please lmk if there is anything else I need or dont need.

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    Here's the guide from iFixit with a listing of all needed parts and a tutorial:
    iPod Touch Gen 4 Display Assembly - iFixit

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    It's cheaper to get it on amazing. I fix iPods and iPhones and iPods, I haven't done the 4th gen yet but am soon. Use ifixit for directions but parts for it are cheap for the touch. Get the full front display assembly.

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