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    Music List Differs After Syncing
    I've got a 4th gen touch and just recently updated to OS 5 when I noticed that my music list was different from my itunes list.

    I cleaned up my music in itunes by updating some artist names and song titles and I synced it with my touch. When I physically looked at music on my touch, I sorted it by artist and I noticed that not only did my updates in itunes not transfer over, but previous changes seemed to have been undone.

    Now the weird thing is, when I went to take a look at my music on my touch in itunes, everything was updated and seemed fine. As well, updated music that I placed in a playlist seems to have also been updated when I took look at it on my touch.

    So I'm stumped as to why my music list when sorted by artist wasn't updated at all.

    Much appreciated if anyone can help out or show me where to go .

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    restore is always a safe bet. it won't hurt.

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