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    iPod turns 10. What are your favorite memories?
    I'm a sucker for nostalgia, so now that the iPod is 10 years old, what are some of your favorite iPod memories? When was your first iPod? Do you remember the very first iPod commercial? What was life like pre iPod?

    As for me, I came late to the game in 2005. I signed up for iTunes, which came as bloatware on my PC, because i was looking for a song for my dad. They didn't have that song, but they gave me 5 songs for signing up. (I don't know if they still do that). I've long since deleted those songs, but they showed up as purchased when I set up iCloud.

    My first iPod came months later. I had seen someone using one, and decided I wanted one. I justified the use of scholarship money to buy one because I am legally blind, and I use audio textbooks (usually digitized text converted using text to speech and saved as an mp3). At the time I felt like I was making an excuse, but it turned out that that 30 GB no video iPod was the best study tool ever. I used it with all my textbooks. I would pace around the 4th floor of my dorm listening to my textbooks on atmospheric science, linguistics, and ecology.

    I also packed it with video game music (both remixes from OCremix, and stuff bought form iTunes), and I would listen to them while sitting next to the big window on the 6th floor of the library and doing calculus homework. To this day, the smell of old books and the temple theme from Zelda II make me want to find the limit of a function.

    Sadly, my trusty iPod died when it fell in my dog's water dish. I was bending over it whit the iPod in my chest pocket. I kept hoping it would work when it dried out, but it never did. It's successor was a 160 GB iPod classic which I admittedly didn't use a whole lot, but when the iPhone 3gs and iPod touch g3 came out with VoiceOver, I practically bludgeoned my parents to death to get me one for Christmas. They did, and it was the greatest thing ever.

    I used it for everything. I got a Spanish dictionary to use on the go, i used it with Skype, and when my nice, quiet upstairs neighbors moved out and a pair of stereotypical college guys moved in, I bought a white noise generator app and streamed it over airplay all night. This is to say nothing of all the podcasts I downloaded to listen to while on my long walks through the park behind my apartment.

    Just last week, I said goodbye to my trusty iPod touch in favor of an iPhone 4s. Now i can carry my music in my phone, and I have more room in my pocket.

    So what about you?

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    I remember my ipod mini, I just loved the white parts and the smell of it, I thought it looked amazing. Every time I see one just brings back to the moment I got mine.

    Pass the kleenex.

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    I think we waited until the third generation of iPod to actually get one. Still have it, still works (we just don't use it very much now). This was (I think) the last of them that used Firewire to connect.

    Since then we've gotten a couple of iPod shuffles and of course we both now have iPhones.

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