Hi, Folks,

I'm new here. I've owned this incredibly wonderful device, now, for about a year and a half, have never dropped or anything like that. I have a protective skin over the display and shock-absorbing case on it. I am *very* gentle with it.

Yesterday morning when I first started checking my email after waking up, I noticed that the display was a little "jumpy," but that degraded into a flickering screen that was sometimes completely white so I could not see anything, and it would then flicker irregularly, and eventually the screen would right itself. All day, this flickering would sometimes happen and sometimes not, and it didn't seem to matter how charged it was, if it was charging or not, or what I was doing. The only thing that seemed to make a difference might be how long it had been since I had last used it, but not all the time. I cannot correlate this flickering stuff with any particular usage behavior, except that the longer it is on, the less flickering; the longer it is off, the more likely it is to flicker when it comes back on. The only thing that is different is that I downloaded a few new apps onto the device the day before, and I deleted one or two of them 'cause they were kinda stupid.

Here are the specs:

iTouch version 4.3.1 (8G4) (whatever that means)
Model MC008LL
Capacity: 32 GB
Available: 18.2 GB

Anything else I should tell you? Lemme know!

Thank you VERY much for taking the time to read through this, and thanks in advance for any ideas you might have about what might be causing this and how I can fix it. The thing is working PERFECTLY right now, and I'm concerned that it might deteriorate to a place where I won't be able to use it anymore. And I use it A LOT!

Thanks again!!

Warmly and with gratitude,

P.S. I think you should also know that I have powered down and restarted, and the flickering continued.