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    itunes pass
    what is iTunes Season Pass will this save me buying a lot itunes gift cards as I downloade a lot of music movies and tv shows or do itunes do a Unlimited download package ?


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    An iTunes Season Pass is where you buy all episodes in a TV Show Season for a packaged price (less than each episode individually).

    As far as buying lots in iTunes you can just charge a debit or crdit card with your purchases or just buy iTunes cards. You don't say where you live but in the UK they sell iTunes cards up to 100.

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    And on top of what mrplow posted, but here in Australia there is ALWAYS discounts on iTunes cards
    Like retailers will sell $40 for $30 or 2 $50 for $80. Look online as well for these deals.

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    The pass, allows the download of the episode automatically once it has been aired in the location specified. e.g. say Lost for example has been shown on primetime on monday it then automatically down loads to your itunes on tuesday morning (so long as your computer os connected to the web of course).

    This is what happened to me when i did it for my wife with an English drama i bought.


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    ok. I live in the uk

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