Hi all,
I was trying to restore my old iPod Touch to factory settings so I could pass it on to my sister, however i (stupidly) let it run through the restore whilst not plugged in. Consequently it ran out of power and now, despite me having subsequently charged it up, it does nothing. If I hold down the on button I get an Apple logo for a few seconds then it disappears. Same story if I try holding the on and home buttons at the same time as if to reset it. I tried plugging it into my computer and it didn't come up in iTunes, and once again just flashed the logo for a few seconds before dying. I don't have access to the computer it is registered to as I am away at uni with only my old macbook and outdated versions of iTunes that for some reason seem reluctant to update despite my best efforts, so I am up against it. However I desperately need to restore it to factory settings in order to give it to her. Can anyone help?