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    Post 'MP3Js' battle it out in London with iPods

    'MP3Js' battle it out in London with iPods
    November 10, 2003 - 11:58 EST Methodshop has published an article on the new trend in London of "MP3Jing" -- the act of using two iPods to DJ instead of turntables and vinyl. "On noWax nights, MP3Js bring their iPods and wait for the automated projector above the DJ booth to flash their number. They then plug-in and mix three songs back-to-back against another MP3J. noWax is a public competition very similar to 'Rap Battles,' a la Eminem's movie '8 Mile.' Whoever doesn't get booed off stage and mixes the best set of songs wins. They continue to hold their place on the stage until another MP3J can dethrone them."

    My Comments: That would be pretty kewl to see!

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    i really wish apple would finish and release the iPod with the pitch control. then i would start to use it in my set

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