I have an ipod classic that works completely fine (I can charge and listen to music) but will no longer mount to any computers(macs). It sometimes will mount in itunes but as a corrupted ipod that needs to be restored. And I can usually get it to mount in disk utility but only in disk mode. (It randomly mounted totally fine the other day in the midst of these problems)

I'm trying to backup my music library with the metadata most importantly the song ratings.
I've tried every 3rd party app (senuti, etc.) but they will not work with ipod in disk mode or unmounted.
I've tried to kill the battery, restart, reset, etc.

I know I can backup the songs from disk mode by showing hidden folders through terminal commands but...


Is there a 3rd party mac app that can backup songs from ipod in disk mode and also retain song ratings?

Is there any way to extract songs from ipod in disk mode with song ratings?

Thank you for reading my post and any help insight or ideas is greatly appreciated.