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    ipod screen trouble and mobile phone interference
    I have a 40GB ipod with an itrip. The other day I was on my mobile phone and put it down next to the pod. That strange interference noise came through the radio and about 10 minutes later all the information on the screen of the ipod became scrambled and frozen.
    I can turn the pod off and on but now there is no information coming up whatsoever although i can still (blindly) get music to play.
    I have the lastest pod software and just did a factory reset and reinstalled the music however the screen is still blank.
    Do you think this happened because of a mobile phone somehow and is there anyway to get it working again? Has anyone heard of this sort of thing occurring before?
    I'm absolutely gutted as I use my pod all the time but now have no way of seeing what I'm doing.
    Any pointers would be much appreciated.
    Thanks so much.

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    This probably needs to go to Apple for repair.

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