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    Jul 28, 2011
    ok, i bought a touch that has been "jailbroken" i really dont see a difference besides the skull apple at start-up... anyway, it scares me to know that the original software isnt on there, could someone PLEASE tell me how can I if I can go back to original setting's of 4.2.1 firmwre? thank you all

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    Simply plug in your iPod to your computer and restore it. Instructions here.
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    If there is a new software update avaliable for the iPod you should be able to simply update and that will un-jailbreak it will it not? A complete restore is a better option but I'm just wondering for myself because im not exactly sure!

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    thank you both SOOO much! worked like a charm, now i have to spend some dough on itunes, yay me!

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