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    Jun 17, 2007
    Ipod Touch
    My iPod touch won't fully light up.

    DO you know how before shutting off, your device will "dim down" before completely shutting off. Mine is now like that all the time. I can see things, but its very dim. Its fine to play music, but any sort of movies or apps I have are useless at this point.

    ITs a gen 2 so all warranties and such are gone.


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    Jun 27, 2011
    try rebooting it or turning up the brightness in the settings

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    Jun 17, 2007
    HI Ok I am looking for additional help on this.

    Yes I have tried all the basics like adjusting brightness, I've tried different cases to see if they affect the sensor. I have reset it. I have let it drain completely and charge completely. I am reasonably convinced something is wrong with the sensor in my iPod. I have done some web search and while not common it does appear to be an issue others have had.

    So my problem is this, I think it is just a sensor issue, everything else on the iPod works fine. While its too had to see to be useful, I can see that video,games,apps all still work. I can still use it as a music playing device.

    SO the device is a 2nd generation and its no longer covered by any apple care. BUt I paid about $500 for it(back in the day 32 gig) so to some degree I'd be willing pay to get it fixed.

    I have been looking at the apple website and I have a hard time figuring out if that is possible. (probably my own misunderstanding of how things work). I have tried calling customer support but it appears I have to fill out an incident report that will cost 29.95. I have looked on the website and I can't seem to figure out if they will actually repair(for a cost) an item that is no longer under warranty.

    Can anyone help me out.

    Will Apple repair my product?
    Any idea how much it will cost?
    Will Apple tell me how much it will cost to repair it before they actually do(i.e. if its $400 to repair i'll just buy a new one)
    If they don't repair it will they send it back?
    How do I start all this process? (i.e. can i do it without paying the service phone call fee?....i just feel confident they won't be able to "service" anything over the phone)

    Anyway I rambled on,

    Any help?

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    This issue could be software or hardware. I'm thinking that it might be the OS you're running. Did you update it recently?

    You should try a full restore (Ik, pain in the neck) and revert it back to the last OS or just reinstall what you had before. That may do the trick.

    Another issue is hardware. I find that older iPods tend to have the data cable between the screen and the motherboard corrode a bit. I've seen this happen in water damaged devices as well as with friends who always keep their screens on maximum brightness on "always on" (in these 2 cases, both were Nanos, but I bet it could happen to iTouchs too) for a couple of years.
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    Jun 17, 2007
    It's Hardware
    I am fairly confident this is a hardware issue. Googled it, and others have the issue. I have restored it a bunch of times, I have updated iTunes, the OS, everything.

    The brightness does come back for about 5 mins every 4 or 5 days(this issue has been on going for 2 months...its not new) so I feel its something to do with the sensor that senses the external brightness

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    Why not make an appointment with the local Genius counter for an evaluation and quote?

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    What is involved with that?(I live about 2 hrs from the nearest Apple store....which is ok...just wanna make sure my trip is worthwhile)

    Assuming its a hardware issue(if its not...hey all the better...but lets assume it is)

    Will they ship it off...or do they do hardware repairs in house(Im thinking not, but just checking)

    Will they give me a quote at that time how much it is to repair, or will they have to ship it off and than give me a quote(again assume its hardware)

    I struggle a little because I do still use it everyday for listening to music with, .....its just the dimness really makes any other features useless.

    Thanks for everyones help

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    try restoring it?

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    Please go and see a local service center of apple. it will be better if you do not experiment by yourself. If you have tried adjusting the brightness and if its still not working..

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