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    3G 15gig iPod help, not mounting?
    Ok, so, my iPod isnt mounting. Its a 3rdGen, 15 gig iPod. I've tried it with 2 differnt firewire cords, and my usb cord. I'm running an iBook G3, OS 10.2.8. I have no idea what version of software is on it, but i was trying to upgrade it right now. On the iPod screen, it says the do not disconect, and its charging. Its not mounting on the desktop, doesnt show up on the computer, and its not showing up in iTunes.

    I have no idea what could be wrong, i was just adding/ deleting songs yesterday, and it was working fine.

    But, if i go to apple icon>about this mac>more info, and open the system profiler, then it shows up under the firewire port.

    Wtf is wrong? Please let me know. its ok if i lost all my songs, i was about to delete them all and just put everything back on anyways.
    Thanks a ton

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    Maybe try resetting the iPod by hold down the menu and the play button down for a couple of seconds until it resets.

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    Yeah, i got it to work.
    For some odd reason, i tried shutting down my iBook, then turning it back on without the battery in. And, it mounted. I have no idea why, but its working now.

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