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    Syncing iTunes "checked" items onto ipod.
    Hey all,

    I have recently moved my itunes library to a new computer due to an upgrade, in the process I lost my entire library (10,000 + songs and over 200 movies) and it was a real mess.

    Since I had to start again, I wish to create myself a hassle free iTunes experience. I have iTunes on a custom (windows 7 ulti 64bit) desktop machine which at the moment has the absolute top of the line specifications. (so there will be no issues with running software if necessary)

    My problem lies with syncing my music onto my ipod touch (gen 2 - 64gb) I only wish to sync "checked" songs onto it, but iTunes does not allow me to do this. It only wants me to select specific songs and artists (I do not wish to make a playlist with everything or sync selected artists because i eventually will collect everything again and i only want specific songs by artists). This is absolutely hopeless that an option to only select checked items is not directly under the one for playlists.

    I have seen the "manually manage music" option and the "sync only checked songs" option in the iPod summary and i have had no luck with this.

    Does anybody have any other solutions to this?


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    Make a playlist with everything you want on your ipod, then select manually manage music and then select just that playlist.

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    That is exactly what i don't want to do.. Making a playlist is too hard to update all the time with new music. That is what i used to to, it becomes painfully annoying when i had 10,000+ songs. thanks anyway

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