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    Jul 28, 2011
    Debug console
    Ok, I have Been getting this"debug console" on the top of my safari while browsing. It didn't start doing this until I downlOaded greenpoison. Is it supposed to be there on 4.2.1? Is it a good thing or bad thing to have? And after I downloaded greenpoison and tried to use the app "loader" that came with the greenpoison the app disappeared? So. Am I supposed to have the debug console on top of my safari? And how do I get rid of it or hide it? And I see no difference after the jailbreak. Besides me getting the loader app there was no difference. And now the app has disappeared.And the lOader app said it didn't have space for it and it just went away!WTF? It still has the skull apple at startup but besides that no difference. So whats the point of jailbreaking? And what's up with the debug console thing? Sorry for rambling on and on.

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    Jul 28, 2011
    I also forgot to add since all of this has happened I can't login to Facebook or yahoo? Is someone trying to hack my passwords?

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