So i have had my classic for about 4 months. I love the thing, because I have alot of music/podcasts (around 60GB) and having it all with me on the go is brilliant.

But now it refuses to sync. Started one day after it was setting up for an update and it got pulled out mid sync by accident. Wiped itself and now wont sync again.

It starts the sync, gets to about 5000 songs synced, then it stops, and disconnects itself with the "The iPod could not be synced because it could not be read to or written to."

Whats wierd is that i can sync small amounts of songs onto it, in playlists, but when going the whole hog it just dies.

I reckon its the hard drive. Maybe a bunch of dead sectors or something? repair disk on the drive reports it is fine however.

blah blah blah. any suggestions? (yes, i have restored, tried different libraries, different computer, etc etc.)


forgot to add, im looking to fix it, i can open it up etc, and i have access to parts.