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    Post CNET: 'Five reasons not to buy an iPod'

    CNET: 'Five reasons not to buy an iPod'
    November 7, 2003 - 14:46 EST* CNET Reviews senior editor Eliot Van Buskirk has posted his five reasons why not to buy an iPod. "If you don't care about low battery life, aren't fond of jogging, have ample disposable income, don't need to record/encode music portably, and want to purchase music downloads only from the iTunes Music Store, then the iPod is the best the way to go." He concludes: "While not ideal for some niche activities, it's still hands down the best-designed MP3 player in the world."

    My Comments: It's actually quite a good article

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    I scanned the article, I agree that the iPod is expensive. But with any device that has a hard drive inside, shaking is not a good thing. As for the other items, it depends on your requirement when it comes to portable music player.

    I don't have an iPod and don't have a need for one. So I am basing this on pure logic. Like anything a person would buy, most of us go a little research before we buy. I assume the same is true for the iPod. Is it the best portable music player on the market. it appears to be, because Apple has about 80% of the market.

    So looking at the article, I see that cnet is doing its usual.

    But that is just how I see the world.

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