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    PC won't find Ipod Nano 5th Gen
    A few years ago i bought a 5th gen ipod nano. i didn't use it for a year and now my pc will not find it at all. It doesn't show up in itunes or anywhere on the pc. The ipod charges but does not go into sync mode. HELP.. please.

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    Try plugging it into another PC if you have one around or can use a friend's. Also try another USB port on the PC. If the Nano works other than syncing it could also be a faulty USB cable. I've got both a 5th and 6th generation model of the Nano and I know that the cable end which attaches to the Nano is easily broken.

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    Unhappy Cannot Sync iPod 3G 8GB
    I am also having trouble locating my device on Finder. It doesn't even show up on iTunes as being loaded. Sometimes my iphone does this as well. I manually have to open Image Capture to see the device connected.

    Does anyone have a suggestion. I have checked the cable. It works perfectly when playing on the speakers I have. Also checked the male end and it accepts a different cable which works as well.

    So now what is going to happen when I cannot eject before I disconnect? You usually can see the device in Finder and eject it. Perhaps I can choose command+eject button on keyboard.

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