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Thread: Deleting content on a 1st generation iPod

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    Question Deleting content on a 1st generation iPod
    I have 1 TB of memory available for iTunes on my Mac & my PC BUT my 1st generation iPod is full and I can't figure out how to remove any music, podcasts etc. from my iPod without deleting it from my Mac or PC. I'm sure the answer is simple but I can't find it.

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    Just uncheck the songs in iTunes and set the setting in the iPod window that appears in iTunes when you plug in your iPod. I can't remember the exact checkbox but it's something along the lines of "Only sync checked songs."
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    Yup, make sure that "Only sync checked songs" is selected. That will let you choose which songs/playlists/etc you want to sync, instead of it trying to sync the whole library. Do the same for Movies, Podcasts, TV shows, etc (making sure "Only sync checked podcasts" is selected. This gives the most control over specifically what content is synced to the iPod Touch, and removing nothing from your computer/iTunes.

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    As with the advice above, if you want to get rid of *any* Apps, just press and hold one and they will all start to shudder with a (x). Flick through and tap the (x) of any App you want to delete and it will do it straight from the iPod. To get back to normal screen, hit the home button.
    If you cant do this, it will be bc in Settings>General>Restrictions could be enabled and the Delete Apps is checked to off

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