Okay. So a few months ago the computer I had my ipod synced with died. No big deal, I just used my husband's computer to put songs on my ipod instead. His iTunes, of course, only had copies of his apps on it, but that was no deal because mine were safe on my ipod.

So today I finally decide to install the newest update for my ipod - I got a warning that said, basically, "you will lose all your music, but your apps are safe". So I backed up all my music (with an external program, of course =/ ) and figured I was safe to go.

After the update was *finally* complete, and it had to re-sync everything, I failed to uncheck the box that said "automatically sync apps".
So now I have lost all my apps, 6 pages worth, including all my paid-for ones.
Someone PLEASE tell me there is a way to get them back other than trying to remember every single one and re-downloading it.
And for the ones that I had paid for, I used 2 different accounts when buying them, some on my account, and some on my husband's, so if I go to redownload it, it will say, "Are you sure you want to pay whatever?" and then I have to click, "Yes, Buy" and *then* it says "You've already paid for this; download again for free?" Well, I'll be saying "Yes, Buy" to a lot of things without knowing which account it was bought with, so there is a very good chance I'll end up paying for a lot of apps again with no way to cancel it.

So yeah, this is mostly a rant at how frustrating, annoying, and stupid Apple is and how much I hate them, and after this ipod finally craps out on me I won't be getting another one, BUT UNTIL THEN can anyone PLEASE tell me if there is a way to get my apps back???


EDIT: I just remembered why I started using the other account to buy apps with: the credit card on my account expired, when I went to enter the new information, it continuously refused to accept my security code from the back. It was asking for the 3-digit number from the back of the card, after the card number, and no matter how many times I entered it, it would not accept it.
So that means that I will not be able re-download *anything* that I bought with that account?