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    What's the best iPod product to play outside?
    Now that it's summer, I have been looking at different products with good speakers that can play an iPod outside. So I was wondering if people here maybe have a product that works really well outside? Or that has really good speakers? I noticed their isn't much to choose from product wise to play an iPod outside.


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    It seems to me that almost all portable stereos - the type we called ghetto blasters, and later boomboxes when I was young - have either an Aux input, USB input, or built-in dock for iDevices.

    Surely you can find something along those lines?

    Even the Bosch and DeWalt jobsite radios have inputs for iPods and other MP3 players. My labourer uses mine with his iPhone every day.

    Those jobsite radios are super-tough, reasonably water resistant, and can be found on the cheap at pawn shops who deal in tools.

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