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Thread: itouch 2gen digitizer question

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    Jun 06, 2011
    itouch 2gen digitizer question
    I fixed my itouch from when i dropped it 2 years ago. . . .well i dropped it again. this time i keep running into one issue.

    I keep ordering a digitizer display with midframe(bezel) and homebutton assembly. but i keep getting the wrong Digitizer connection.

    here's a photo

    the one on the Left is what they keep sending me

    but i need the one on the Right!!!

    any clue what the difference is (like which is which)??
    what do they keep sending me?


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    Jun 08, 2010
    dude, seems like a load of trouble fixing it. seeing as it is 2nd generation, it is pretty old, why not just get a new one?

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    I'm no angel, but I've never managed to drop any of my iPods. May I suggest a) get a newer one and b) this time put an Otterbox on that thing if you can't find a way to handle it more carefully (not blaming you, just sayin' not everyone leads my life of leisure!).

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