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    Slideshow on the go + should i keep this?
    Im pretty new to the forums (but i could get used to this!)

    I am a photographer always looking for new and improve ways of deploying quick on the go slideshows… My workflow usually is as follows...
    1.quickly edit and export images via apurture
    2.upload them to a spare ipod touch
    3. play them in the background at events that i am shooting (such as a wedding)

    when i first had the idea a couple of months ago... i bought an aaxa M1 ultimate micro projector about a month ago…

    I am pretty impressed with it! however i have this pretty crazy girlfriend that always seems to go above and beyond when it comes to being rad and gift giving…

    she was doing some shopping at the mall and stopped by a brookstone or something and found the Cinemin Slice….
    and ORDERED it!!! (she's crazy)

    I don't think i've ever really mentioned that i already had a projector to her so it looks like i have 2 now… haha!

    It is supposed to get here on friday/saturday (i have not looked up the tracking number yet) but i wanted to see what everybody's thoughts were?

    has anyone used the Cinemin slice? I mean i'm pretty happy with my M1 but the sound dock aspect is intriguing… while the projector quality is much less?

    is it worth opening the box or should i just return it? (though i kinda was to compare them… haha)

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    Jun 02, 2011
    ok so by the number of replies to this post it looks like you all are dying to hear my thoughts... :-/ LOL!

    well since i said i was going to here goes nothin (hopefully it is helpful to someone...)

    I hadn't seen any reviews of the cinemin Slice on here and it looked pretty cool so i figured…

    Ok, to set the stage… i'm a photographer tend to do a LOT of on the go slideshows when i am traveling or shooting on location and needed an easy solution that i could pack into my gear bag so i had to go pico. My usual workflow is as follows: quick edit, push to Ipad, and use that do display on a table top…
    don't get me wrong i really LOVE how the images look on my ipad!!! The only thing that poses a problem is on average there are about 10-20 people trying to watch the slideshow and the size of the screen just does not cut it. I recently bought the aaxa M1-ultimate to solve this problem. I shoot lot of wedding receptions as a side thing and they are ALWAYS dim to darkly lit so i figured brightness would not be a huge issue….

    another nerdy friend of mine just got the Cinemin Slice that he saw in the latest wired mag. (which is a pretty rad digi-mag on the ipad…)

    I asked him if could borrow the Slice for a quick test. I was really intreagued by the speakers/sound dock aspect... for the review i mostly wanted to focus on 3 things brightness, image color, and clarity or sharpness.

    as i am a terrible writer ill let the photos (mostly) speak for themselves...


    both units are pretty well designed! the AAXA M1 is pretty tiny...

    The Cinemin was a B***ch to focus cause since is was not your typical spiral focus ring.... it was this sticky slider that you had to use your thumbnail and took my about 5 minute to get it as close to perfect as i could get...

    Both are pretty connectable, the Slice has mini-HDMI while the M1 has SD +USB


    Video: the Slice was significantly more weak and WAY to contrast-y... I thought this would be an easy fix but the Slice has ZERO image settings and to make it worse NO KEY STONING! Though the speaker were pretty impressive, does not compare to my Bose system but still very nice.

    I was pretty unhappy all 3 of my test categories with the Swivel, which was a bummer since it could have been such a cool product!

    overall both devices wort replace anything i've got at home but are pretty cool for a little impromptu movie/slideshow... as with all the "PICO" devices are awesome for what they are they suck for what they are not. (though the Slice is not so "pico")

    I found the AAXA M1 to still be the better pick of the two since it was SO much (almost 1/2) as expensive @ $249... and proved to be a MUCh Better picture since the Slice was not very sharp at all...

    what do you guys think...? i tried to be as objective as i could, and there was no photoshop (just resizing for web) or anything done to the photos and each was shot with the same settings so as to give a proper example actual use.

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